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We’ve been in the KBB business for over 20 years and in that time, we’ve seen and experienced the changes in the market.

Well over 20 years ago, we began building and photographing interior room sets for KBB clients both in our studios on and location in showrooms around the country. 


Since then, things have changed a little bit, not just in the style of products, but also in the way these images are produced. Today’s market demands a more cost effective, eco friendly and flexible solution, and that’s where CGI room sets come into their own.

Photography vs CGI

What’s the difference?

Traditional photography requires a set to be created for your shoot – a set that will be dismantled once the job is done. But what happens if you want to revisit the project? A CGI room set is permanent, so you can adapt, enhance and reformat your set anytime you wish to update your product, design or marketing activities – and all at a fraction of the cost of a physical build.

What sets us apart from the rest?

The ‘Overview’ Difference

What’s so different about Overview you may ask? The answer is simple. Our team have an extensive industry knowledge, not just on technical aspects, but on market trends and changes.


We’ve got our finger on the pulse and have done for many years. We feel this sets us apart from the competition.


Our photography background also means our imagery is superior. We’ve reworked our techniques from photographing room sets in the real world, and translated them into 3D. This means our lighting and understanding of composition and materials is miles ahead of the rest.

Sounds good doesn’t it!

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Revisit and adapt

Your sets are always here, so you can re-use them whenever you like!


Physical sets cost more to build, and once they are finished with, they get completely dismantled again. This means that any time you want to re-shoot or adjust your marketing campaigns, the set has to be recreated. It can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. With CGI roomsets, your design can be saved, edited and reused time and time again – quickly, and on a much lower budget.

Extensive props library

All available for styling your sets

We’ve invested in a pretty amazing range of props and accessories, and they’re all at your disposal for styling your CGI room sets. With more than 4,000 items occupying our digital shelves, our clients have everything they need for their latest project. From standard commercial items to high end designer props, we have it all!


In the event you can’t find the item you want, or if your project requires something more bespoke, we’ll simply build it for you and add it to the library for next time – it’s all part of the service!

It’s all in the detail

We know attention to detail is vital, that’s why we make sure on each of our sets, there is plenty of it. With an eye for detail we can create sets that have little elements here and there just to make it that bit more impressive. Detailing is key.

Creative CGI Styling

An eco friendly alternative to traditional room set photography

Here at Overview, we understand that being eco is now more important than ever, which is why using CGI room sets is a massive benefit. CGI means there are no physical elements that needs to be transported, built, took down and so on. Saving time, fuel, energy, lighting and lots more.

Unlike a few years ago, where sets would take days to build, CGI saves the time and benefits from being able to change the sets quicker than you ever could by hand. For example, if something doesn’t look right or you want to change colours, items, literally anything, it can be done almost instantly.

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