Bringing Endless Possibilities
Gravity Defying

Unlimited creative potential

CGI expands the potential for creativity like never before. What would once have been un-achievable or far too costly in photography, can now be created with speed and ease, defying gravity, and surpassing creative boundaries and limits.

Show details of your product that would otherwise be overseen

Break down barriers with CGI

CGI allows your to go further and break down physical walls in a product. It allows you to move inside and explore from a completely different angle.

With CGI, you can literally break your product apart to show it’s inner working and functions, in a visually immersive way no other medium can do.

This is a fantastic tool for a wide spectrum of industries, from aeronautical design right through to the inner workings of the computer or tablet you’re reading this on right now.

CGI brings a whole new way to how your products are viewed.

Ready before you are

If you want to create a buzz around a new product, CGI offers the perfect platform prior to manufacture and launch. We can create stunning models developed from drawings or plans, long before physical production has commenced.

We can work from a variety of technical information depending on what’s available
Technical Drawings

3D Production Models

Physical Samples & Prototypes

Working to micron precision

Highly Detailed Modelling

Working to the highest level of precision is paramount for manufacture. With CGI, there’s very little difference. When creating a 3D model, we work in real world measurements and scale, meaning all our creations are exact and to specification.


This reflects in the imagery we produce. By creating items to a real scale, what the client see’s is exactly what they’ll get.

Endless Options

Let’s take a minute and think of the scenario.
You have thousands of variations to chose from, but you need a cost effective way to show them all.
That’s where CGI comes in.

With CGI, it’s possible to create hundreds, if not thousands of variations of a single product, without the need to produce or provide every single version for photography.

This is a huge cost saving benefit and also a fantastic sales tool, allowing you to show every single option to your customer, without the vast cost of photographing every single item.

Explore from all angles

With CGI, you can easily take a single object, and create a 360 degree view to show it from all angles. Not only is this a great way to show the features of your product, but also a great sales tool. Users are more likely to buy a product if they can pick it up and see it close up. Sometimes, that just isn’t possible so we provide the next best thing.

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