02 Feb IMM Cologne 2018

After a long airport delay and news of terrible storms, eventually I made it to Cologne for the first Interior show of the year and it was well worth the delay!


Looking to be inspired and discover fresh ideas to use in our imagery back in the studio. This show set the tone, presenting us with the key trends that are set to shape the interior sector this year.



Pastels and nudes. The huge impact of ‘Millennial Pink’ last year has been toned down, turning into a more neutral, dusty tone. This with earthy reds and clays creating that warm and welcoming living space.

Green was everywhere to be seen. At the IMM show, a softer pastel green was experienced in furnishings and wall colours. Sage to create a softer, cooler toned room and emerald to create an impact with a luxe feel.

Colour blocking in a minimalist living area adds a wow factor, bringing style and personality to a space. An easy and affordable way to refresh your room for this season.


Organic materials and handmade ceramics dominated the home accessories. Larger and more sculptural pieces were to be found. The patterns, materials and textiles all have a natural, raw feel to them, tactile and versatile. New wool, darker marble, velvet, canework, wood veneer and leather the essential materials for 2018.

Copper and gold move over for brass and smoked glass. Brass furniture accents, mirrors and accessories add a luxurious finish to any room. Smoked glass creating a moody and sophisticated feel, featured heavily in lighting and tables.


Embracing the curve. Softer edges and more fluid shapes were the key theme. A 70’s feel, with dark oaks and walnut pieces. Unusual nesting tables were spotted throughout the show.

Seating showed a move towards comfort and curves in sofas. Chairs in pastel shades, black legs and wing back shape.

Re thinking of shelving in a variety of structures and materials. A more creative approach to display your plants, backwards books and ceramics vases.


Monochrome, pattern and geometric print. A nudge towards cubism shown in rugs, cushions and accessories.

Oversized art and textured wall hangings a key piece, transforming your wall space. Typography takes a back seat and replaced with more abstract pieces.

Plants and more plants. This year moving towards the patterned variety in natural plant pots to create that earthy feel in your space.

Nina works with the CGI and photography teams to create stunning style designs and idea for our projects. Nina loves to keep on top of the latest trends to make sure we deliver inspiring and current imagery.