04 Jan Overview Studios would like to wish you all Happy New Year

Olympics, Brexit, Trump and Ed Balls!

Overview Studios would like to wish you all Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones. 2017 has finally arrived and like every New Year, there will be new experiences, joys and challenges in the year ahead.

As well as looking forward I reflect on 2016 and some of the events of the year, the Olympics, Brexit, Trump and Ed Balls! Some of it seemed a little surreal.

During the Christmas holiday I took my family to see “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” which seemed an appropriate way to end this surreal year. By diving into Newt Scamander’s tattered “Tardis” like suitcase we meet the menagerie of extraordinary beasts with their wonderful textures and colours and the amazing mix of video and CGI.

It is fantastic how good the CGI is and how seamlessly it has been blended with the live action. This blending of photography and CGI is something we are increasingly undertaking for our clients at Overview adding models and organic products to our CGI sets.

I will look forward to an exciting 2017 and hope the arrival of the New Year brings success and wonderful imagery to us all.

Managing Director at Overview Studios. Having set up Overview all the way back in 1994, Chris has seen the business grow into a multi-channel imagery production company. Chris works across all areas of the business, with a main focus on photography and lighting

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